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Franchise Territory Optimisation

Franchise Territory Optimisation – accelerate your franchise growth with a combination of Tech4T’s analysis and territory mapping services, and our unique franchise territory mapping and management system – Territory Runner™

BFATech4T provide territory design expertise, cost-effective territory and area/town mapping, location planning, postcode maps and prospect data solutions… plus ground-breaking territory sales and owner management software to give your franchise sales process the edge!

If you operate a franchise business you need the correct number of right-sized franchise territories that substantiate your offer, help your franchisees maximise ROI and are easier to sell. It’s the same if you operate a location based model, but with this you need a robust way to ensure the right number of outlets can be strategically placed to maximise sales whilst minimising the risk of cannibalisation. This holds true whether you operate a franchise, distribution or licence-based model.

The complete franchise territory kit - country map, individual territory maps heat shaded to show potential, data sheets, postcode to territory allocation files, web-mapping systems and so on

Tech4T help franchisors communicate clearly with their franchisees. Heat shaded territory maps for inclusion in franchisee agreements showing target market concentration, demographics and postal allocation lists – so each franchisee knows the boundaries of their territory. Or we deliver the maps and demographics online.

Franchising is a very competitive market place. You therefore need your franchise package to stand out and deliver all the information needed to make investors comfortable going ahead with your company rather than your competitors. That’s why we have developed a one-stop solution that will give you a competitive edge.

Tech4T has been providing franchise territory management software and territory mapping services for over 20 years. So we know what works and what doesn’t, and the importance to provide a solution that not only meets your budget but one that can grow as your business develops.

And we can create franchise territory or retail outlet structures for most countries across the globe including UK, Eire, Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa… 

franchise territory mapping worldwideTo help you sell your brand to franchise candidates easier, we deliver the facts, figures and territory maps showing key demographics to substantiate your franchise offer in flexible formats. You will be able to confidently explain the criteria for designing your territories, quantify potential income levels and place the right value on your territories.

“I have used Tech4T to set up my franchise territorial mapping system and can fully recommend them. Not only have I found the mapping system very efficient and easy to handle I have been very impressed by the level of personal (and on going) support from the team when I had challenges or issues. I could always contact the team and they came back to me very quickly with a solution and the right support. I am not very good with technology but Tech4T is always there to help and answer questions.

Mette Theilmann MBPsS, Parent & Life Balance Coach, ParentingSuccess Coaching ltd ™ Franchise Owner

Importantly, we help you, the franchisor, fully understand the demographics and size of your target market and your competitor landscape. You will be able to support your franchisees by showing them where best to target their marketing activity and the unique selling points of your products and services for different types of customers – direct from your web browser using our proprietary Territory Runner ™ system.

tutor_doctor“Our need for a comprehensive solution from a company with a global perspective and personal touch sent us on a wide search. Tech4T not only was the hands down choice in our eyes, they continue to deliver added value as a true strategic-partner. If you are a franchise with a vision of a global presence choose Tech4T, it’s that simple!”

James Channer, Vice President, Global Franchise Development, Tutor Doctor

Tech4T’s solutions give you the answers you need…

Our franchise territory mapping and site planning solutions answer questions such as:

  • What are the profiles of our customers? What are the key demographics?
  • Where are my ideal customers concentrated?
  • What is the total size of my market?
  • What size should my franchise territories be and how many viable territories can I sell?
  • How many stores or outlets can I achieve without them competing with each other?
  • Where are my competitors?
  • How can I easily monitor and compare the performance of my franchise territories?
  • How can I support my franchisees? Where should they be targeting their marketing for greatest return?

The franchise sector is of major importance to our business and Tech4T is uniquely positioned to add value in many areas. Our experience with sales and marketing teams from a wide range of industry sectors enables us to look at your company in the context of the wider business landscape.

Our impressive client portfolio ranges from small fledgling franchise companies starting with pilot franchise territories through to multinational chains franchising their brand and expanding into the UK or internationally. We’re always happy to give advice and support on franchise territories  (before and after a project) so whether you’re a new or established franchise, or indeed operate a distribution or licensed model, give us a call if you think we can help you expand and improve your business.

Importantly, our solutions are tailor-made to match your budget, needs and timescale. Contact us today.


“I have recently used Tech4T to analyse and review UK territories for our new franchise venture. Tech4T were diligent in their approach and made suggestions that have lead to an enhancement of our franchise package. The project was undertaken swiftly and the communication throughout the process was of the highest order. From my experience I would find it hard to believe that anyone could surpass the level of performance given by the Tech4T team”.

Kevin Jones, Director, Bone-Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning

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